Caring Activism is the work of Peter Limbrick with the help of various colleagues. Peter had a brother with cerebral palsy who was born a couple of years before Peter went to Liverpool University to study zoology. Nicholas died at the age of forty from substandard care in a West Midlands NHS hospital.

Peter’s career has taken him into special schools as both teacher and senior manager and into two autonomous voluntary projects as director: One-to-One in London in the 1970s and One Hundred Hours in Yorkshire in the 1990s. One-to-One was part of a movement in the UK arguing that ‘mental handicap hospitals’ were not fit places for children and adults to spend their lives. One Hundred Hours pioneered keyworker support for families whose baby had neurological impairment.

From his One Hundred Hours experience, Peter developed and published the Team Around the Child (TAC) approach and has promoted this in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Croatia, Canada and Australia.

Peter lives in the Black Mountains on the border between England and Wales from where he edits the online Interconnections News Service and its TAC Bulletin – both sharing information internationally, building knowledge and supporting teamwork around babies, children, teenagers and adults who are disabled, marginalised or vulnerable.

Peter has written various books about Team Around the Child. His most recent book Horizontal Teamwork in a Vertical World: Exploring interagency collaboration and people empowerment expands the concept to embrace people in need of all ages. This is further developed in his concept of Caring Activism.

Both Team Around the Child and the Interconnections News Service can be found at